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Piano iano Technicians’ Guild:  Owner-Operator Ferdinand Pointer is a Registered Piano Technician since 1975.  He has served three two-year terms as President of the South-West Florida Chapter of PTG and has been an instructor at National, State and Local seminars.

AMICA:  Automatic Music Instrument Collector’s Association

They publish a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to keeping the traditions of automatic music instruments alive for collectors, restorers, and general enthusiasts. AMICA sponsors an annual convention which includes classes related to maintainance and repair, as well as other interests.

MMD:  Mechanical Music Digest is an ongoing, edited on-line discussion of topics related to mechanical instruments.  MMD has operated since 1995 and is fully archived for research purposes.  Subscribers receive a daily email posting; non-subscribers may read all proceedings at no cost in the archives.

Reed Organ Society, Inc:  a repository of historical information concerning harmoniums and melodeons.

Professional affiliations include:
AMICA: Automated Mechanical Instrument Collectors' Association
MMD: Mechanical Music Digest
PTG: Piano Technicians Guild
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