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The Piano Company is owner- operated and has been in business in Clearwater, FL since 1985. At this time there are three employees, all highly trained in piano technology. Our work space is filled with pianos, player pianos, pump organs, square grands, and a miscellany of other keyboard instruments in various stages of repair.

We have a large inventory of un-restored player pianos and pump organs. These are for sale as-is, or fully restored at your request.

Early music is served by The Piano Company through rental of its collection of instruments, all built entirely by the owner:
*18th-century style French Double harpsichord in period decoration with gilding
*17th-century Italian style harpsichord in Alaskan cedar, strung in brass
*Late 18th-century style Fortepiano (Stein tradition) in cherry

These instruments are frequently rented by The Florida Orchestra, Sarasota Opera Company, the Florida Grand Opera, and local colleges, churches, and civic groups.

Visit these fine resources for Harpsichord instrument information:
Harpsichord Clearing House

The Piano Company installs all modern midi-driven player systems, such as PianoDisc and Pianomation.  We are an authorized PianoDisc dealer and center for installation and service.

Professional affiliations include:
AMICA: Automated Mechanical Instrument Collectors' Association
MMD: Mechanical Music Digest
PTG: Piano Technicians Guild
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