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The Kimball Electramatic replacement gear can be purchased from The Piano Company directly via credit card payment by phone or check. Online payment is coming soon!

Once payment is received, I will mail you a replacement gear post-paid for $90.00 USD. Or, if you prefer, you may remove the transmission and ship it to me and I will clean, lubricate, install the new gear test and return it to you. The charge for this service is $150.00 USD prepaid, including cost of the gear and return shipping to you. The turn-around is one day plus shipping time. I usually ship US mail so please give a physical address for return.

Kimball gear replacement
From pictures below, follow disassembly.

Remove the electric motor in order to get the new gear under the pinion drive gear. Remove it completely in order to facilitate cleaning.

Clean all of the old grease from the transmission. Be careful not to lose shim spacer on large gear center. Make sure all of the stripped gear parts are found and removed.

Re-lubricate with light grease on all spindles, centers and gear teeth.

Make sure all case parts and gears are in alignment and are free before closing with ‘POP’ rivets or small bolts.

The entire unit can be checked by using a 12V battery from your drill. Reverse polarity and check reverse. All should move smoothly. There will be a little more noise from the brass gear than from the original plastic. This is covered by the sound of the piano when playing.
New Kimball gear made of brass. New gear next to original plastic gear
Remove cover, held by two screws Gain entry to transmission area
Identify transmission type. Remove collets from tracking system.
Loosen drive gear and draw rod out. Remove two screws to bottom.
Remove screws from drive frame. Transmission unit removed from piano.
Rivets drilled out and unit opened. Identify stripped gear to be replaced.
Other side at drive gear. Old grease removed and parts cleaned.
New gear installed and gears lubricated. All parts back in and ready to test.
Before final closing, test for free running. Finished and POP riveted back together.

Install in the reverse and you are ready to play some rolls.

Professional affiliations include:
AMICA: Automated Mechanical Instrument Collectors' Association
MMD: Mechanical Music Digest
PTG: Piano Technicians Guild
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